How to obtain and set OpenAI API Key

This process is optional. You can use Obiklip without having to obtain OpenAI key.

The auto-transcription feature of Obiklip relies on the OpenAI to function. To utilize this service, you will need to obtain a valid API key from OpenAI.

Getting the key

You can obtain it from the OpenAI website by signing up for an API account, or visit

Click "+ Create new secret key" button, and give it a name, eg: "Obiklip".

Then copy the secret key that is shown on the page.


Next, open Obiklip and go to "Settings." Paste the key you've just copied into the OpenAI API Key field. Make sure to click "Save Changes."

The auto-transcription feature is ready for use.

Additionally, it's important to note that OpenAI charges a fee for each use of their transcription service. The cost incurred for using the auto-transcription feature will be billed to you by OpenAI, separate from any charges related to the Obiklip software itself.


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