Modify lines from a saved clip

Let's say you've selected the wrong lines and already created a clip. In this situation, you have the option to "Undo", or by pressing CTRL + Z (Wind) or COMMAND + Z (Mac) to revert to the previous step.

Alternatively, you can click "Select" or press S to make the highlighted lines within a clip selectable. Ensure you've selected a clip before performing the "Select" operation.

This essentially informs Obiklip that you've made a mistake and wish to add or modify lines. Obiklip will allow you to adjust your selection.

To add more lines below, simply hold the SHIFT key and click on the lines you want to include. Then, click "Clip" or press C to create a new clip.

Obiklip won't replace the currently selected clip; it will create a new one. If you no longer want the original clip, you can easily remove it by clicking "Delete" or pressing DEL (Win) orBACKSPACE (Mac).

Please note that you cannot have multiple clips with the exact same lines :


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