How it works

The idea behind Obiklip is to generate clips from selected subtitles of a video. This works best with videos like podcasts or speeches.

This process is enhanced when the speakers in the video source use a proper microphone setup, as Obiklip can capture the audio clearly.

Here's the typical workflow with Obiklip:

  1. Load a video source.
  2. Obtain a transcription for the video, either by loading an existing .srt file or generating a new one.
  3. Read or skim through the transcription to extract any interesting points from the video.
  4. Create clips from the selected portions.
  5. Export the clips as data or generate shorter videos from the original source.

There might be scenarios where you need to change the clip title or edit the transcription line by line. Auto-transcription sometimes doesn't transcribe perfectly, so manual adjustments are necessary.

Yes, Obiklip allows you to modify the clip title and edit the transcription as needed. You can also export it back to a .srt file. However, please note that Obiklip is not subtitle editing software. While you can change the text, you cannot modify the timing.

That's it, happy clipping 🎬 !


A set of guides for performing common tasks with Obiklip.

Created and crafted by @mansarip

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