New, open, save project


To load a video source, click "New." This informs Obiklip that you want to create a new project. Once a video file is loaded, as for now, you cannot change the video path unless you create a new project.

Shortcut key: Ctrl + N (Windows) / Cmd + N (macOS)


As your project grows and you continue working, it's a good idea to save your progress for later.

To save a project, click "Save" in the top menu. Obiklip will create a ".obk" file for the project.

Shortcut key: Ctrl + S (Windows) or Cmd + S (macOS)


To open your saved project, you can click "Open" and choose the saved file from your computer. The ".obk" file stores your video path, clips, and everything related to the project.

Once it's loaded, you don't have to load a video again. You can continue your work straight away.

Shortcut key: Ctrl + O (Windows) or Cmd + O (macOS)


A set of guides for performing common tasks with Obiklip.

Created and crafted by @mansarip

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